Technology Hates Me

I’ve known that since I was a teenager in the 1980’s. Other people could make mix tapes, recording songs off the radio, but somehow they never quite worked for me. I’d press record and nothing would happen or it would start to record and then shut off suddenly. Or I would think it was working fine and when I went to play it back it was full of stutters & skips.

I had one of those radio/dual cassette players that let you copy from one cassette to another at super high speed (yeah, go ahead roll your eyes at ‘super high speed’, it was 1981 ok, we didn’t know what was coming) but all I ever managed to copy at that speed was “Wwwhhhhhhiiiiirrrrrr”.

Then there was the whole radio reception problem that still troubles me today & why I have Sirius radio in my car now. It’s like I carry a wave dampening field around me. The radio can be tuned into a station perfectly fine while DH is listening but if I walk in the room suddenly it starts breaking up and comes over all static-y. I can’t clearly tune in stations in major metropolitan areas, you can imagine what it is like out here in the boonies.

Which leads to my internet issues.

Boonies = no cable internet.

We have wireless broadband internet and hover just around the edges of the company’s coverage zone & that’s only by putting the antenna at the top of a 75ft mini tower blight on the landscape.

It was originally a 50ft pole

That blew over in the wind

Or fell over when it rained a lot & the ground became saturated

Bucket trucks from the ISP had to come out to re-erect it both times.

Then they put up the 75ft tower, which solved the blowing over problems

But then the cordless phone decided to sabotage the wireless router.

And did I mention I apparently cause laptops to overheat?

And backup drives to fail?

The thing is, I *love* technology.

Sadly it is an unrequited love.

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