Scrapbook Saturday

We had yet another snow day off Friday so I was able to get a few layouts completed

Mayhem’s 9th birthday

The boys’ favorite Minecraft being

My favorite item for layering

and January in numbers

I’m also working a new pair of fingerless gloves so it has been a fairly crafty […]

Scrapbook Saturday

I managed 3 layouts this week.

One about money

One about the first manicure of the year

And a squeally 12 year old fangirl style one about my tv husband.

I also sent my 2012 Photo book off to Blurb for printing.

Add that to managing to go into work every […]

Scrapbook Saturday

Two layouts from this week


Scrapbook Saturday

Seven more Journal Your Christmas layouts! Done over the past two weeks.

and a 2 page spread

That leaves me with just 3 prompts to go!  I have a plan for two of them but the next year one has me stumped for now. Pretty much the only photo I took over the […]

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