The Tower Problem

One of the things on Rinda’s scavenger hunt was a photo of a tower.

My first thought was to drive up the hill to the site of my ISP’s broadcaster & take a photo of the tower that is the source of my internet. But topographical issues make getting a decent photo more of […]

Scavenger Hunt Update

We’ve had some luck the past 2 weeks with Rinda’s photo scavenger hunt. We’ve managed to add 6 photos.

First DH & I had lunch at a sandwich place near the courthouse & passed the artsy theater on our way there,

Then Mayhem & I did some shopping downtown Saturday and passed the […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt wrap up

I did manage to get my last 4 photos for Rinda’s photo hunt this week.

A statue of an angel. Found this guy in Lowes garden department.

Someone dancing. You’ll just have to take my word that they are dancing.

A roadside stand

and lastly, a photo of me with something representing […]

Scavenger Hunt Photo Update

As I showed you on Wednesday I did finally get a photo of a horse.

3 horses actually

This inspired me to take myself off to a neighboring town where there is a train station. And a movie theater! And across from the theater there is a church!

Plus the town itself changed hands […]

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