Month in Numbers

There were some big numbers this month.

First it was our 20th anniversary! We went to a 5 star restaurant to celebrate! We had 6 courses.

Including the dessert which was called the 7 Deadly Sins

(You can’t really make it out but the pasta ribbon thing was white chocolate and says Happy Anniversary […]

Month in Numbers–Sept

My month in numbers is a meme hosted by Julie Kirk at Notes on Paper. Every month she encourages us to summarize our month by counting the things that matter to us. She also gives us a Communal Count suggestion for everyone to keep track of.

This month’s communal counts are the earliest you got […]

June in Numbers

Month in Numbers is a meme hosted by Julie at Notes on Paper

This month we have had the following:

8.5 days of school. It should have been 9.5 days of school but 2 days of flooding called off school one Monday & they elected not to make it up.

4 dozen frozen pudding pops […]

April in Numbers

I was busy this month.  Busier than I thought actually, considering all the time off I had to take.  This month I:

made 4 layouts read 12 new books bought 20 ancient paperbacks in a lot off ebay for $12 listened to 3 audiobooks kept 171 of the photos I had taken (at the moment, […]

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