Month in Numbers – May

It’s actually been a quiet month.

We had 14 baseball games between 2 boys.  2 were won by forfeit. An additional 4 games were rained out.

Havoc’s team won their tournament.

Mayhem’s lost but Mayhem was invited to play on the All Stars team in the regional tournament.

1,493 – times I banged my […]

My Month in Numbers–April

March took forever to end but April seemed to fly by.

Must be the lack of snow.

There were 0 snow days in April.

We had 2 boys on 2 different baseball teams and they had 10 games between them, plus 4 that were rained out.

Havoc’s team is 2-3 and Mayhem’s is […]

January in Numbers

Month in Numbers is a meme hosted by Julie at Notes on Paper.

Let’s start off with the important ones

10 – how old Mayhem turned last week!

19 – days they kids were scheduled to have school

6 – number of days they had off due to 4 inches of snow and bitter […]

My Month in Numbers

a monthly meme by Julie at Notes on Paper.

The communal count items this month were

1. How many christmas movies is too many – I saw 2 this year. Movies just didn’t seem to occur much for me this time. I’m good for 3-4 Christmas themed movies usually.

2. How many christmas events did […]

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