Menu planning

I haven’t done a whole month’s worth this time around.

Last week I planned 6 meals and made 5 of them. I made a frittata, shrimp scampi, noodle casserole, rib eye with cream sauce, chicken velvet soup and one night we had sandwiches & one night was leftovers.

This week I am making fish & […]


and it looks like this in my yard again

I’m starting to think that Mondays are just snow days. This is the 3rd out of 4 in March where school has been cancelled due to snow.

And it is still coming down, so right now the odds are there will be no school tomorrow. […]

Monday Menu Recap

Last week I made 5 out 6 meals!

Monday morning I was overcome by what the middle ages called “a gripping of the guts” & was in no mood to cook so DH brought home fast food. Tuesday he had to work late so the boys and I got food from the general store. […]

Monday Menu Recap

5 meals were made! Not necessarily the 5 planned for this week but 5 planned meals nonetheless!

Monday was noodle casserole, Tuesday was zucchini frittata, Wed was the snowquester & 9 hour power outage so we ended up at Outback because it was the first thing that was open that didn’t have an hour […]

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