A foreshadowing

of why there will not be a holiday photo card again this year.

But first, some background!

This weekend, while DH & his buds were down at the Machine Gun Shoot, I took the demons to the harvest festival at a local farm & orchard.

The boys spent a few hours playing on the haybale […]

Entrepreneurial spirit

Lately the boys are all about making money.

They have discovered they can buy certain Wii & DS games used for really cheap by surfing the web for the best deals.

When your allowance is $3 a week and the game is $7 with shipping it isn’t too hard to save. Especially if you […]

*sniff* they grow up so fast

My little babies have EMAIL!!!


Mostly I am crying because I had to add two more email addys to my already chock full of email addys Windows Mail program.

Some days it take more than 5 minutes just for the retrieval to access all the accounts.

It’s not like I am going to let […]

Mayhem is worried

What is he worried about?

Things he’s done wrong in the past. Anywhere from last week to last year. Though it is hard to tell with him when the events actually occurred because his sense of time is not that keen and because his sense of guilt is so strong I think he tries […]

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