Friday Flashback

Since my internet is still being funky I thought I would replay one of my favorite older posts

This is from summer of 2008

What $4.38 Will Get You at Target

The boys and I went to Target last night before meeting DH for dinner.

They have been hoarding the loose change they find […]

Saint Mayhem

Mayhem is perfect.

In his world view he does nothing wrong. Nothing is ever his fault. He is a victim of the actions of others, usually Havoc’s.

This does not mean he won’t admit to incorrect action, assuming you haven’t directly or indirectly accused him of anything.

And assuming he is feeling particularly guilty about […]

Teaching Moment

The boys are getting older & we’ve been exploring ways to have those various ‘talks’ you are supposed to have with your kids as they get older.

We covered the basics about where babies come from a few years ago.

The “babies grow in Mom’s uterus & are either cut out or pushed out […]

Conference time

Among the things I was doing last week, when I wasn’t reassembling all my computer stuff, were parent teacher conferences.

The first 9 weeks of school has been & gone and grades were sent home the day before the conferences.

Mayhem did wonderfully, which we more or less expected. He’s had a few dings here […]

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