Skills Test

These are Mayhem’s shoes

or rather they were Mayhem’s shoes.

As you can see they are unwearable

Cheap or pricy, all of Mayhem’s shoes blow out the same way. The little tab of sole that wraps up over the front of the toes gets ripped down and takes the sole with it eventually.


He rejects our reality

Mayhem has his own idea of reality and it is the opposite of ours. And yours. And pretty much anyone who says anything to him but ‘do you want some pizza?” or “Do you like football?”

It’s kind of annoying.

Like you are all outside in 20 degree weather, shivering while waiting for the […]

Oh dear

From this

to this

in the blink of an eye.

Or 9 years.

However you choose to look at it.

Happy Birthday Mayhem!


It’s Football Season!

Not that it ever really stopped being football season in Mayhem-land.

He’s kind of obsessed.

It’s all football, all the time, all year round with him.

To say I find this a tad tedious might be understating the situation.

It’s more like “OMG kid! It’s frikken APRIL! There is nothing remotely football related going on […]

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