*sniff* they grow up so fast

My little babies have EMAIL!!!


Mostly I am crying because I had to add two more email addys to my already chock full of email addys Windows Mail program.

Some days it take more than 5 minutes just for the retrieval to access all the accounts.

It’s not like I am going to let […]

Artwork by Havoc

This one is legitimately done as an assignment

What I like are the expressions. Gulped & Appetizing both look happy.

Neither the boarder nor his landlord look particularly pleased about the payment, possibly the boarder is behind on his rent & still has not paid up.

Even the robot seems displeased […]

Havoc is 8 now

He was 8 days old in this photo.


Look how tiny he is!

He weighed 7lbs!


And he somehow sensed that his parents were boring people who were incapable of entertaining him.


Not just boring parents, but odd parents.



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