The Great Cookie Extravaganza part 1, 2, & 3

(I seem to be doing lots of ‘parts’ lately)

Part 1 of the Great Cookie Extravaganza of 2011 began Monday morning with the mixing of a batch of chocolate sugar cookie dough

(I use Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe, it’s uber choclately due to blooming the cocoa in melted butter)

And then, after a chill in […]

Rainbow cookies

These are so easy to make. Just go get your favorite sugar cookie recipe & make it. (mine is from Joy of Cooking & includes cream cheese which makes a wonderful texture with these) 

Then divide it into 4 sections.

My cookie dough recipe makes 48 cookies so I divided it into 8 […]


I really don’t know why I make cookies before Christmas. The only people around are us and while I certainly think we should have cookies, perhaps it would be best to have fewer cookies. Or to just wait until after Christmas. I end up having to make twice as many cookies now.

We have a […]

After school treats

For the ill prepared.

Chocolate crackers

1. Realize you have a lot of graham crackers left over from the cookout.

2. Remember there was a cookie recipe for them in one of those mysteries with the really annoying sleuth that you have been reading & you copied it. Find it.

3. Lay out graham crackers […]

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