Book Purge 09 – final totals

Today I went through the outlying bookshelves – the ones in the bedroom and bathrooms – and purged them. Then I did some final rearrangements of the books and shelved the new books. I now have the equivalent of about two and half shelves of open space and shelves that were packed 2 deep are […]

Book Purge 09 – romance

The romance books are on the shelves in the far corner from the door, behind the pile of random boxes and collapsible chairs. They are the last group bunched together on the shelves and the second to last group I have to purge. After this is just general fiction and general fiction is scattered all […]

Book Purge 09 – mystery

My largest genre by far.  There are 592 books tagged ‘mystery’ in my Library Thing library. The next closest number is ‘history’ with 246. According to my booklist, I had 398 mystery books in my house prior to my last purge. I got rid of about half of them, but because it is my favorite […]

Book purge 09 – science fiction

Sitting cozily next to the 2 shelves of fantasy (and overflowing on to them) are the science fiction books (not including the works of Douglas Adams, which are in a special category all their own – Holy and UnPurgeable).

The scifi books were the victims of the hard core purge a few years ago. […]

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