by Havoc


It’s a deer, in the woods, by the river, seen from an angle.

And apparently the teeth are over represented.

While they were camping out by the river on Labor Day weekend Havoc saw a deer in the woods and DH suggested he draw it.

I’m glad it was explained […]

Artwork by Havoc

WWII tanks, courtesy of several DVDs of The Century of Warfare which Havoc rented the last time he was at the library. Note the people inside the tanks are happier than the people sitting on top of them.



Brought to you by Havoc.

This came home drawn on the back of a math homework worksheet. Havoc said they had some free time & were allowed to draw if they wanted.

These are fire trucks trying to put out a burning airplane while people escape down the emergency shutes.

They watched […]


During our 2 week hiatus from school the boys spent a lot of time talking about battles and war. Havoc is fascinated by WWII and we have a couple DK Illustrated books about it out from the library. They also took the opportunity, when outside, to refight the battle of Hoth. The clones and the […]

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