A Choice Has Been Made!

Holy crap!

Honest and for true. A choice has at long long last been made.

After 2 years and 1 day.

But here’s the thing.  You start this story thinking the choice is the end. That’s how it works. The story builds to a climax and then there is an Event or a Choice of […]

Not So Plucky

Perhaps you remember my fictional story about a plucky band of adventurers that were either dealing with a mafia don versus the Gang of 3 or 4 or maybe it was a renegade wizard & a college of wizards?

Storytelling Sunday

Ongoing Fictionalization

Maybe It’s Time

The Saga Continues

The first post was written back […]

The Saga Continues–episode IV

A year ago I did post about a Dark & Stormy Night, a story I could not decide whether it was dystopian or straight fantasy. I’ve updated it a couple times since then as events seem to warrant and I think it’s time for a new one.

To celebrate the fact that it’s now been […]

Maybe It Is Time

I haven’t been around much and I apologize to everyone for not posting here or commenting elsewhere as much. My Facebook & Instagram presence is way down too.

I’d like to say we are way too busy having fun to have time to tell you about it but we live a very routine life – […]

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