10 books I have read recently

Or “recently” as the case may be.

And maybe I should say ‘read and/or tried to read’ or “recently” might go back to February.

And one of the 10 is actually a 12 book series but “22 things on the 10th” doesn’t quite have the same ring.

This is sort of randomish & in no […]

10 on the 10th–digi scrapping edition

This past weekend my favorite digi store, Sweet Shoppe Designs, had a big sale. I’ve bought hardly any digi scrap stuff so far this year because I haven’t been in a position to use it. But this weekend I was feeling good & decided to indulge myself a little.

Here are the 10 things I […]

10 Things on the 11th

I am a day late. My arm was not cooperating Friday or Saturday

In honor of my annoying arm my 10 on the 10th list is

10 Thing I Do When I Can’t Be On the Computer

1. Cross Stitch. I have made significant progress on my second Dolly Mama’s project. I have […]

Games I play

It’s 10 on the 10th time again & this month I am going with my current favorite computer games.

9 of the games I have purchased from a site called Big Fish Games. They sell downloadable versions of the CD games you can find in Target or Wal Mart on the $9.99 shelf with the […]

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