Me on Monday

2015-04-20 08.15.46

I got a selfie stick for Christmas so I can do better pics now! 

I just keep forgetting I have it.

I’m working 3 days this week, including today.

We’ve got 2 baseball games & one practice.

I’ve got a messed up manicure to fix.

2015-04-20 08.21.41

We also have a very redneck-y burn pile to light this week. (more on that later).


Other than that it’s same old same old.

Hope you have a good week.

Me on Monday is meme from Sian at From High in the Sky

I used to blog

Then a part time job that became eleventy million hours of customer service hell intervened.


Nothing quite like hours of being yelled at for things that are not your fault to make you not really like people much. Like say you ordered something 3 weeks ago and just now got a free shipping coupon good for the next 2 days & want to apply that to your 3 week old order, (which really? who does that?) but we don’t back date our coupons more than 48 hours so you cuss me out and then think threatening to send all your stuff back is going to change the policy. I know full well you are highly unlikely to do that & even if you do you aren’t going to get those shipping costs back so whatever, go ahead, send it back and reorder it using the free shipping code. You’ll also be out $6.95 per box because that is what we charge for using our return labels.  You do the math.


So much holiday spirit this year.

Mostly I like our customers, but holiday time seems to bring out the unreasonable in people.

On the upside I am constantly being complimented by people with Polish last names on my ability to pronounce them.

In other news that ongoing story about the Wizard & the Gang of 3 or 4 (now down to 2 or 3) and the Chosen One finally came to a conclusion!

Or did it?

After the pages and pages of choice were issued diving the kingdom between the factions the now Very Un-Plucky Band of Adventurers had hope! It lasted all of 48 hours before the Gang decided it wasn’t going to work for them and they were going to take action to move on the Wizard.  But the Wizard didn’t even give it 24 before he started scheming to bit off parts of the Gang’s territory & got the jump on them and now we are all starting back down the road that led to the need of Chosen One in the first place.

But the Kingdom lurches on anyway. Like it always does.

Saturday begins baseball season!

We are currently 1 inch into a snowstorm that is supposed to dump 4-8 inches of snow by the time it’s done.

I did manage to finish Project Life 2014 and get my book printed!


And I am currently working on this year’s, though I changed the look up a tiny bit.



I’m hoping to get back into blogging more.  I’ve just been kind of blah lately & hiding in books. There’s been nothing particularly interesting happening here with Havoc & Mayhem the last couple of months, just video games.

I’m packing up the dinos this week.

Not all of them.

I’ll leave a few out

Not for the boys, but for me.

Because I’m not ready to let go yet.

Project Life update & plans

So I am still doing it.  Surprise! 

I never really thought I would manage to keep up with this but somehow I have.  I’m scrapping November now & have December photos edited!.

But I have scrapped nothing else and have practically stopped blogging.

Well, probably I can’t connect the lack of blogging with Project Life, but the lack of scrapping is totally down to Project Life.  It’s either/or and I am okay with that for now.  So okay with it I am going to give PL another chance next year. With a few changes.

Photos have proven more of a challenge this year than in the past. Partially due to the boys getting older and playing with toys less.  There are only so many “Havoc on the computer” or “Mayhem playing xbox” shots you can take since they all look identical apart from what shirt they have on. 

Partially also due to work.  I was a SAHM for the first 4 years of my 365 Project so there was plenty of time to go places & take pictures but the last 2 years I have been employed and my life, which was already ridiculously routine, became even more narrow in terms of where I go every day. There are only so many photos of my desk I can take since they all look identical apart from what snack I am eating.

So this year I’m branching out.

I’ve done a project called 30 Days of Lists several times now so I have about 120 list topics.  I picked 26 of them & will have different people in the family complete one of them every week & use them on the pages.

I’ll also be screen shoting my Facebook statuses & getting screen shots of the games the males play on the computer.

Plus text messages.

I’m still going for a photo a day. Mostly because after 6 years I really don’t know how to stop, even if I do miss some days because they were identical to the day before, only supper & evening tv being different.

We’ll see how it goes.

week 41aweek 41bweek 42aweek 42bweek 43aweek 43bweek 44aweek 44b

Christmas Club

I’ve been out of blogging for a few weeks, new job and all that, but I have been trying to keep up with reading everyone else’s’ posts.  Last week Sian at From High in the Sky, suggested bringing back her Christmas Club meme from a  couple years ago.  Journal Your Christmas is not happening this year. I’m not even going to pretend to myself that I will start it.  Even 30 days of lists is too much work for me right now. 

But I think I can manage a post.

"At Christmas we…"

* Have an elf on the shelf


I know a lot of people are all “Oh those elves!  Too much work!  Having to move them around every night & spend an hour or more creating elaborate scenarios of mischief.  Not for me.  I’ll leave that to those over achiever moms.”  Or “That elf is too creepy”

I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet.  I agree the standard elf is creepy.

Elvin is a stuffed toy & can be played with. (the ‘no touching rule’ would have lasted 10 minutes in our house followed by hours of copious weeping and recriminations by the boys about who caused the elf to lose is magic)

The thing about the elf is there are no rules. Do as much as you like, as often as you like.  Or you know, decide at the last minute to put some green food coloring in the toilet water and leave the elf sitting on the counter & hope the kids make the connection.

Forgot to move the elf?  Add a quick prop.


Can’t think of anything to do with him? Stick him in the fridge. (elves like cold.  they can end up in the fridge multiple times.)


This is as creative as I get with Elvin.


It takes 5 minutes.

The boys are currently 12 and nearly 11.  At this point all bets are off on the whole ‘he’s a magical elf who moves’ thing.  They just like having him come by and do a few silly things during the month.  It is now a tradition. And because I started with lowered expectations it is a low maintenance one.

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