June to August by the Numbers

Month in Numbers is a meme by Julie Kirk at notes on paper

The month sort of just went by.  It didn’t fly by. It didn’t drag by.  It just went by in the way non-eventful days go by. I’ve got nothing specific to say about it, or the summer in general actually.

But here are some highlights of the summer.

22 – pounds of hamburger eaten.  This was my only real goal of the summer – eat all the ground beef. We had lots of burgers and the occasional cheeseburger pie or tacos and on August 31st we ate the last of it.  I was adamant about this because we are talking about doing another cow share with 3 families.  That is how we ended up with the original 48 pounds of (very fatty) ground beef to be begin with.  If there was still ground beef left when we got another third of a cow we’d never get out from under the pile of ground beef.  All we have left of the cow share are some thin cut sirloins, a 4lb brisket & a giant pot roast that is too big to fit in my crock pot or enameled pot.  The sirloins will get eaten soon enough and we’ll be doing the brisket up for an Autumn Equinox party in a few weeks (or Halloween, depends on football)

2.5 – giant bottles of tequila drank, plus 2 regular sized bottles. Havoc has gotten very good at making margaritas.


3 – bottles of syrup made, also for margaritas


$12.74 – an amount I will NOT be paying for the new Agatha Christie book in kindle format.  I’m dubious about the whole idea to begin with and that price puts me firmly in the “no, not going to buy it” category.  There is no need whatsoever for an ebook to cost that much and I just won’t pay it.  I can wait a bit & get the book for free from the library.

Free from the library is ALWAYS an option HarperCollins Publishing.  So is $3 for the used hardback.  Please keep that in mind.

4 – football games played so far   

0 – football games won so far – neither team is doing so good

32 – geocaches found


4 – new tires to replace 4 very bald tires on my mini-van

30ish give or take a few – meals I actually cooked (as opposed to sandwiches, leftovers & cans of soup heated up)

3 – loaves of sourdough bread made with my sourdough starter

7 – days it took me to get a usable sourdough starter


10 – weeks of Project Life pages I have assembled this summer

31 – last week I actually assembled

36 – week we are beginning today.

I’ll catch up, I swear!  The boys go back to school tomorrow at long last!!!

This week

Last week of summer! We had plans for this week, but as usual those plans have been supplanted. Instead there will be the usual routine of practice, sandwiches, shouting at brothers by both other brothers and parents, threats, lies and photographs.

Though I have been falling behind on the photographs due to being way ahead on the shouting.



I applied for a new job! It’s actually my old job!  It is the exact same job – titles, duties, software, etc – that was doing when Havoc was born back in 2002.  I had to give that job up due to my child care arrangements falling through & then learning, just as I was getting them rearranged, that I was pregnant with Mayhem & well, SAHM seemed to be the best option at that time. Now it’s 12 years later & time to transition from part time work to full time work and I would like my old job back please.  It’s open after all & you can’t find a better qualified candidate.  So here’s hoping I get a call for an interview.



Sandwiches, leftovers.  I’m not even trying really.  Football practice adds & subtracts days as they please. There is no point planning anything.





Today we go to Middle School orientation with Havoc. (for non-Americans, in our area grades 6th-8th are in one school building called Middle School, in other areas it can be from 6th-9th and could be called Junior High)  I realize this is supposed to be all angsty & stuff for me & Havoc but neither of us seem to be getting into the spirit of it. It’s not like he’s suddenly going to be in a sea of strangers. It’ll be the same kids he’s been with since kindergarten.  There’s only one of each grade in the whole county, so the same 120ish kids are together from the first day of kindergarten until the last day of high school.  Plus hormones.  That’ll be new.

We get a lecture on how middle school works & then he gets his schedule & locker combination & can go find their classrooms & practice opening their lockers.   I got him a combination lock to practice on now before he gets his locker assignment & has to try to open it surrounded by all his peers.  I knew learning how it works would be a frustrating & whiny process (much like shoe tying) & decided it was best undertaken at home, rather than with an audience.  Sure enough it was exactly the experience I envisioned but now he has it down and can teach others. 

Mayhem’s Open House is Thursday & we can meet his teacher.  There is an orientation but at this point it’s unnecessary for us.  Now I just need to sort out all those school supplies I bought so each boy can take them with him.

Loving the new Doctor. Loving even more that he isn’t anyone’s boyfriend.  The whole ‘in love with the Doctor’ thing that has run through nearly every single companion of the new series has bugged me no end. It’s just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Donna is my very favorite companion & a good part of that is that she was never in love with the Doctor (sometimes you wondered if she even liked the guy all that much).  She and Ten had a wonderful relationship.  I was so relieved after Rose and Martha. I was about to give up on it all but Donna saved that. And I liked Amy’s story enough to stick around, though towards the end of her run it was getting to be the “Amy Pond Show, featuring The Doctor”.  I’m ambivalent about Clara.  The Doctor is a freaky, somewhat scary alien, not a romantic lead. The only person who has any business being in love with the Doctor is River & she’s sort of a freaky, rather more scary alien herself. I’m not usually all pedantic about how shows ought to go but having been a classic Who fan since the mid-70s, I just cannot get behind the idea of him as a love interest.  It’s wrong and I’m glad they’ve fixed it. At least for now.

Those Who Do Not Learn from the Past

There has been a lot going on here that I don’t talk about because well, it’s just stuff.  Nothing can be done about it. Everything that is a problem is out of my control & all I can do is wait. We’re all alive & well and things are good with DH & I, it’s just… stuff.  So there is this constant sort of background stress going on that saps my energy.

Yesterday Vanity saw an opening and decided to take advantage of it.

See, Common Sense has been working hard the past couple months and is sort of worn down by everything. And Common Sense is really the only thing between me and whatever wild hair Vanity gets.

And speaking of hair….

While I was at the gym Vanity suddenly decided that a new hair color was in order and Common Sense, exhausted by trying to keep on top of everything just sort of looked at Vanity and was all “Really? That’s where you are going? Hair? Do we have to do this now? There are still 20 minutes left on this treadmill & I’m trying to listen to an audiobook. Go away.”

But Vanity sensed weakness and wouldn’t let it go. ‘Yes! Hair! Gorgeous hair! Reddish brown, shiny curls! Just imagine it!”

Common Sense replied “I don’t need to imagine it. I can remember it quite well. It’s always ends badly. Let it go”

And Vanity said “It’ll be different this time! Promise!”

Really, you do have to admire Vanity’s eternal optimism in the face of repeated failures..

Common Sense sighed and dragged herself away from the adventures of Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger to remind Vanity of the numerous occasions dye jobs went wrong but Vanity was unmoved. 

“It’ll be different this time. It really will.” she insisted.

“Ok fine” came Common Sense. “We’ll start saving up for coloring at a salon.  We’re going to need at least $150 by the time all the color, tone & highlights are done.”

Vanity wasn’t having it. Vanity knew the earliest that was likely to happen was December and Vanity is extremely impatient.  “We’ll get a box! Boxes are fine! And only $10!”

Common Sense retaliated with “No boxes!  All color has to be done by a stylist! You PROMISED that after the last box job.”

Vanity was silent, knowing full well I had to stop by the drug store to pick up a prescription and to get to the pharmacy I had to walk past the hair color section.

Common Sense mistook that silence for agreement and was therefor quite baffled to find me holding this less than a minute after entering the store.


“You PROMISED!!” wailed Common Sense

Vanity was very excited about this box. “See! Gorgeous reddish brown! Copper tones! It’s perfect.”

Common Sense muttered darkly about frizzy hair, roots and glow in the dark color hoping to summon her backup, the Insecurities.  But the Insecurities have had an even harder time the last couple months and couldn’t be bothered to do more than agree gloomily that yes, fizzy hair, bad color, etc, whatever… leaving Common Sense with no help whatsoever.

Vanity played her trump card “Life’s been difficult. We deserve a treat!”

Common Sense is sort of a sucker for treats when she is feeling worn down & suggested a bar of really good dark chocolate instead. Vanity thought that was no good because the chocolate would be gone in no time and Common Sense said that was sort of the point. We’d be stuck with this hair fiasco for months!

Vanity knew she had the upper hand and before I knew it I was at home with a bunch of dye in my hair.

And for once my bathroom did not look like a particularly gruesome murder had been committed in it..

Vanity took this as a sign this would all be perfect but Common Sense just shook her head, the cynicism plain to see.

I ended up not with the darkish coppery hair of the box (big surprise there) but instead my hair is the color of a (fuzzy) shiny penny.  It’s pretty but not what Vanity wanted.


(it’s brighter than this photo shows. It glows in the sun.)

This of course led to Common Sense jumping up and down and chanting “Told you so! Told you so!” over an over like a hyperactive toddler and sent Vanity off sulking somewhere. The Insecurities can’t be bothered to have an opinion right now but say they will like it…maybe in a week or so, when it is slightly less bright.  It has promise.

And meanwhile I have hair the color of a shiny penny.

Monday Meander

We are supposed to have football practice 4 days this week (2 days with both boys, 2 days with one boy each) but it’s also supposed to rain all week. It’s certainly pouring out right now. Last week we were told Havoc’s team had a game this Saturday. But apart from that we know no more, like where it is or what time.

Other than that there are no plans beyond the usual gym, groceries, library thing that always happens.  Lack of rain Thursday might lead to geocaching.



The boys each have an ancient computer. Havoc has a desktop salvaged from a storage unit for DH’s office that no one had been in for 2 years. The boss told him he was welcome to it.  Mayhem has my old ASUS that overheats regularly.  Both run Windows Vista. Both got so effed up with malware we had to wipe the machines and start over.  Not a problem with the desktop, it had the product key sticker.  But not my ASUS.  Oh no. We ran a key finder program on it and got the key, downloaded a copy of Vista as there was never a disk with it, installed it and the key doesn’t work.  Of course it doesn’t.  So sometime in the next 30 days we need to get a new copy of Vista (or maybe win 7) and load it because at that point the Vista on that computer will stop working.  But still… $90 for some software is much cheaper than $400 for a computer & probably we can come up with $90 in the next 30 days.


Soup and sandwiches.  Salad and sandwiches.  Soup and salad.  Steak salad.  Coq au vin (Friday, if it’s 80 degrees or less out). Grilled chicken (Saturday). Grilled burgers (Sunday)




I can’t see the floors for all the clothes, blankets and toys.  Their rooms are at the end of the hall. I only see them when I am doing laundry or deliberately go back there. 

So you know….whatever.  Eventually I’ll get them clean up before school starts.



It turns out my blogging issues were a very simple fix that basically involved me copying a custom setting in Word Press, changing that setting to default and then going back and putting the custom setting in.  Nothing anywhere on the internet even came close to that solution. Out of 4 godaddy help desk people over the course of 2 weeks only the 4th was able to fix it. And he was all “oh that’s a simple one, just go here, copy that, reset it, put it back and voila!” and he was right. I spent more time on hold waiting to talk to him than I did actually talking to him.  And if it was just that simple why did the other 3 not know it? More importantly why did 2 of them flat out deny they helped with Word Press? The other two didn’t, one even spent 20 minutes trying to solve it.

Poor tech support training godaddy.  But Ethan knows his stuff. He needs to train the other 3.

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