Long time no see!

I’ve got a moment so I thought I’d post something so I can keep a claim to the domain.

The 56 hour/6 day a week nonsense of my job ended in January.  Then it became 50 hour/5 day weeks.

Which made me bitter.  Very bitter. And angry. Like saying “fuck” a half dozen or more times an hour bitter & angry.

As if it was the only adjective I knew.

Really, my language at work would’ve make a sailor blush. 

But I blame management for saying things like “This is very unusual. It’s never happened before like this in the past.” and following that up immediately with “This is just the nature of the business.”

PICK ONE! It can’t be BOTH!

Add that to them telling us to just assume 10 hour days always when they are supposed to give us 24 hours notice or we don’t have to stay.

Last week though I had an actual, honest to god 40 hour week.

And I said ‘fuck’ maybe 6 times the whole week.

So there’s that.

Right now me & the family are in Florida on spring break & I am working a 0 hour week. 

We had the usual 18 hour drive, complete with I95 traffic hell, side roads & Waffle Houses.

2016-03-26 17.36.03

And we were 3 for 4 geocaching.

2016-03-26 10.33.16

The boys woke up Sunday morning & immediately jumped in the pool, their favorite activity.

2016-03-27 11.55.33

Since it was Easter Sunday DH & I had to wait until today for our favorite Florida activity – going out to lunch!

People ask us what we are going to be doing in Florida and the answer is always the same – EATING!

My god, the number of restaurants in a 5 mile radius of my folks’ house is just overwhelming to 2 people from a small town.  Especially since we have to drive 20 miles just to get to 1 restaurant.

In one plaza alone there is a Greek place, a Cuban place, a sushi place and a pizza place.  Plus a Subway.

In family news Havoc has a girlfriend!  We’ve never met her but we have dropped him off at her house once. He comes home from school & talks to her on the phone until dinner & then again after dinner.  While also texting her at the same time. 

Mayhem is having issues with his math teacher.  Personality conflict I think mostly.  They both seem to be trying but I think at this point they each find the other so frustrating they really aren’t succeeding. I’m trying to see both sides of it.  Months ago I could see the teacher’s point but these days I’m mostly seeing Mayhem’s. I told him that one of the lessons you are supposed to learn at school is how to deal with people.  Your boss isn’t always going to like you, you will have co-workers you don’t really get along with.  Now is the time to start sorting out how to deal with it.

DH’s job is what it is.  The long tale of wizards & dystopia has kinda sorta come to an end. (but really until some of those people die it will never end.  I thought I was an advanced grudge carrier but these guys are way way ahead of me). 

I had to give up the photo a day thing by mid October.  No photos allowed at work & not really a whole lot to take photos of otherwise.  I chose not try again this year.  I figure a photo a week is probably a better goal.  I haven’t scrapped a page since last May and that was just a two page Project life weekly spread.  I haven’t done an honest to god scrapping page in about 18 months.  Too tired mentally & physically most days to do more than flop on the couch, with small side forays into making dinner or doing laundry.

People think ‘warehouse work? oh that means you are moving boxes all day’. Yes, that is about a third of my job.  The rest of it is paperwork & data entry. (Sometimes duplicate data entry due to the two different systems not importing things from one another because reasons).

Also furniture assembly when it is a new product to make sure it goes together properly.  You’d be surprised how often that it doesn’t.

2016-02-11 13.03.22

(is it a warehouse or a furniture store?)

This is sort of rambling & I don’t have a good wrap up so here is a photo of the cat Skittles in the dryer. She got tired of waiting for the clean clothes to be put in the laundry basket & decided to just sleep in them in the dryer.

2016-03-19 17.35.48

My job


It’s also colder than hell, so you get a variety.

This is week 15 or so of 56 hour, 6 day weeks.  Sometime in the near future… February or so probably, what with returns… it will go back to 40 hour, 5 day weeks.

I’m trying to remember what that feels like.

But the up side is all the overtime is paying for Havoc’s braces.

Photos of the month

I’ve been working 56 hour weeks.

And that will continue through Christmas, with the possibility for 10 hour days to become 12 hour ones.

Not looking forward to it.

This is the over crowded warehouse

2015-10-02 10.33.29

Every paperclip is a purchase order we have to do quality assurance on. 2015-10-02 13.01.58

There is so much paperwork/data entry in this job.

Which is sort of my thing. I admit, I kind of love paperwork & data entry.

And I get lots of physical exercise

So it’s a good job for me from that perspective.  But I am really hating the hours right now

In other news DH & I went on a date night and about 90 minutes into it Havoc sent us this photo:


Last thing we said to them before we left was load the dishwasher & run it.

But there wasn’t enough dish detergent so they topped it up was Dawn dish soap.

We weren’t even mad.

After all they had run the dishwasher.

And the floor needed mopped anyway.

What were we off doing?

I was getting this:

2015-09-19 09.17.28

My newest tattoo. 3 years in the making.  I was supposed to get this for my 45th birthday.

In 2012.

Long awaited changes

These guys have been around this holiday weekend.


Contractosaurs (and boss).

We had some work that needed done but really needed a few days available to make it happen. I’ve been working so much overtime that we’ve had to wait until this weekend to do it.

The boys moved into separate rooms ages ago this year & at the time we promised both of them they could repaint their rooms.

Havoc’s was white with a definite pinkish tint to it and Mayhem’s was the darker red & blue that they had chosen a few years ago for the room they shared.

Then we promised them we would repaint when they got back from summer camp in June.

Then we promised they could paint their rooms when we got back from Wheeling in July. 

Then August sort of got away from us.

But they were really very patient about it. They’ve lived with us all our lives. They know how these things go.

Still, at last the weekend arrived and we began painting.  This is the color Havoc chose.


A nice soothing blue.

This is Mayhem’s color


Otherwise known as “DAYUM SON! That’s a bright orange!”

Havoc’s went on with one easy coat of paint with primer.  Took a little over half a gallon of paint by the time we had done all the touchups.

Mayhem’s though… well, lets say the paint with primer is great for covering light paint but fairly worthless at darker shades. After two coats on most of the walls, using all of the gallon of paint, the walls were orangish with a slickly green undercoat.  Another gallon of paint got the walls not going to be covered up by bookshelves just orange.

When we go to paint over that room in a month or 5 years or whenever, we will just prime the walls first and then use the paint plus primer over it.

Probably we should not have taken advice from the contractosaurs.

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