Wordy Wednesday

We have given up on the idea of ever paving the driveway and have decided to carpet it instead.

This is the shady spot where DH does our car repairs (he replaced the mini van’s water pump Sunday) and the carpet gives him something more comfortable than gravel to lay on & it’s easier […]

Wordy Wednesday

My manicure for May.

I never got around to painting my nails once, which hasn’t happened in nearly 2 years!

I’ve been doing Things in the Yard.

And Things in the Yard are hell on manicures.

I’m almost done with them though & am hoping to paint my nails this weekend!


Wordy Wednesday

Homemade vanilla.

I love the glass flasks I found!

They are 8.5oz each, plus we had a pint & half extra as well.

So that’s Christmas gifts taken care of.

I made these using a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Which recipe? I have no clue as I have 4 pins about making […]

Wordy Thursday

I forgot what day it was… DH took the kids to a Nationals game yesterday, in my car, so I was stuck at home & got involved in reading & totally spaced the blog post I was going to do about reading.

This is probably the biggest stack of to be read dead tree […]

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