Wordy Wednesday

We just came back from our annual 3 day/2 night trip at Great Wolf Lodge.

Where we did some of this

and a great deal of this

and on the way there & back we found 4 of these

The last one we found on Sunday resulted in this

4 […]

Wordy Wednesday

And there they go! Off to 5th and 4th grade!

School started for us yesterday.

What did I do while they were at school?

I went to the gym BY MYSELF!

I went to Target BY MYSELF!

I went grocery shopping BY MYSELF!

Then I came home and sat in the silence for a […]

Wordy Wednesday

Mayhem has spent the summer obsessed with playing Uno.

He insists on playing a couple times a week.

He’s sitting there with 3 “Wild +4” cards in his hand and no yellow cards. He will hit me with two of them before I can reverse the order so DH gets hit with the […]

Wordy Wednesday

At the end of may I painted the living room blue

And made some plans for a couple photo walls and thought about painting the gold mirror black.

This is one of the photo walls

I’m still trying to find appropriate photos for the other one. But I have the frames so I […]

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