Voyage of the Darned

The trip to my parents’ house was so full of first world problems, I don’t even know where to begin.

We didn’t get trapped in snow in the Sierra Nevada’s for months and end up having to eat one another like the Donner Party, but it sometimes felt like that it could happen at any […]

Working for it

I go to the gym weekly. Generally 2-3 times a week, sometimes I make it 4 days.

I enjoy working out.

No, really.

I do.

The ‘exercise’ part of diet & exercise comes fairly easily to me – at least as far as motivation, actual exercise not so much.

Diet is my downfall & […]

The stove

Once again my stove has made me feel inadequate.

Not from a cooking standpoint. I’m a good cook & once I master baking on the gas grill I’ll feel there is nothing I can’t cook.

No, it’s the repair part of the stove that defeats me & leaves me feeling rather pathetic.

That is […]

Not. One. Single. Thing.


The oven stopped working Tuesday night. The baking element was not heating much. After 30 minutes of preheating the oven had only reached 110 degrees, when normally I would have been done with 20 minutes of baking things at 350 by then.

However I am familiar with this problem & immediately knew I needed […]

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