It’s different

This working out of the home thing.

I’ve had a hard time getting used to it. I suspect mostly because every time I turn around there is a snow day and I can’t work or scheduled off day and I can’t work. Or someone is sick and I can’t work.

I think I have managed […]

More of the Same

And so it continues with the 95 Ford F150

We had this back in mid May

Hoses & something else for the radiator. Something relatively easy to repair, right the on the front of the truck at the top of the engine.

Then at the end of May there was this

Total transmission […]

One thing after another

Last weekend the males went camping.

The plan was, they would leave early Saturday & come back mid afternoon Sunday or later. Then Monday, assuming a lack of rain, there would be work on the porch thingy.

While they were gone I would sand & seal the kitchen island & then scrub & […]

Oh the horror

I have to go to the dentist this morning.

It’s to have my tooth ground into shape for a crown.

They are going to stick me with a needle, which I hate. Then they are going to spend a half hour, give or take, drilling off parts of my tooth, which I really really hate. […]

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