Weekly Winners

apologies if you saw a couple of these earlier this week

Havoc asked me to dye his hair for summer

Gas prices last week. And look! A Big Gulp coming soon! Civilization comes to the boonies.

Also, we are at last getting rid of our double stroller, but not before the stuffed […]

Weekly Winners

Mayhem was unhappy I insisted he eat some of the meal he was ‘starving’ for before letting him go play

He wanted to go play with these lightsabers I had made

They were very popular

My latest manicure

For more weekly winners please visit Lotus at Sarcastic Mom

Thanks for stopping […]

Weekly Winners–self portrait edition

Or  “Why So Many of My Photos are of Toys”

I have a mirror on the wall of our bedroom that is the perfect height for a self portrait shot.

Assuming I can get my camera to cooperate

First there is the problem of positioning. Even though I am fully visible in the mirror to […]

Weekly Winners

As always on Memorial day weekend I spend Saturday setting up the pool.

While I was doing that, the dinos were checking in at their weekly Weight Watchers meeting

the blue guy is angry he has put on a few pounds

How many clone troopers does it take to sharpen a pencil?


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