Weekly WInners – Snowpocalypse!

It all began last weekend with a 4-6” snowfall

Then came the Tuesday 1-3” snowfall

The dinos enjoyed it, once they bundled up warmly

They had a snowball battle

And played king of the mountain. Or maybe Rex of the […]

Timeline of the Blizzard of the, um…


Wasn’t the one in December called that? Maybe that one is better labeled Blizzard of the Decade. Unless this one is less bad than that one.

It is barely 10 years into the century. I think it is a bit early to be making sweeping statements about things being Of The Century.

But […]

Enough already!

Look.  I like snow. I still feel the same way about snow now that I felt when I was 7.

Problem is, when I was 7 I lived in West Virginia. It was the 1970s. They expected snow. Snow fell so often in the winter that climatologists spoke of Global Cooling. (which is why I […]

so much for that plan

I woke up to this

It’s about 4-5 inches and school, naturally, has been cancelled.

There go my plans for today. I had a full day planned too.

Get Havoc on the bus

Go to the gym

Take a shower

Get Mayhem on the bus

Photo document putting purple streaks in my hair for […]

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