You have got to be kidding me!!

Disclaimer – this is not about snow or school or parenting

Monday night I was making chicken positano which requires all of my stove burners to be in use, even the back left one, which never gets used. I put a pot of water on it to boil and turned it on high boil then […]

Glory Hallelujah!

They have school today!!!!

For the first time in all of February!

Saturday there was a bio diesel spill near the high school & the emergency warning system said the area would be blocked off for clean up but I guess they got it all cleaned yesterday.

It might snow today but the chances of […]

Weekly Winners

We were expecting 4-8” more of snow on Tuesday but the storm blew east of us and we only had half a dino’s worth. (Click here for last week’s snowpocalypse photos – 5 dinos worth of snow!)

It was this guy’s birthday

The truck’s fuel pump died and we had to […]

Snowpocalypse –a timeline

Friday Feb 5.

There is already 4-5” still on the ground from the snowfall on Jan 31 and Feb 2. Supplies had been purchased Thursday including a pot roast, gnocci, milk, bread, and 4 kinds of animal crackers

6am – School is cancelled. Shocker! 

7:30 – DH clears the porch of existing snow […]

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