We’re good.

Power flickered mightily but stayed on.

Oddly enough so did the internet & the satellite tv.

We were well prepared for all of it going out though

Bottles of things to drink

Gas grill & kerosene heater were moved into the porch thingy, along with containers of collected rain water […]

The Ups & Downs of a Week

Well it has certainly been an *exciting* week here.

Monday & Tuesday we were at a waterpark

Fun & relaxation abounded! Nothing to think about except ‘what slide do I want to go on next’ and ‘what do I want to eat next’.

Good days, good days.

Wednesday started out good as well. DH […]

We’re doomed


See this map.

There is a storm coming from the north west and a hurricane coming from the south east.

I live in the clear strip there in the middle.

Right where both will collide together sometime Sunday or Monday

All we really know for sure is that there will be […]

The Thrice Accursed Mudroom

Porch thingy.


I’m a day late for Storytelling Sunday over at Sians’s blog From High in the Sky and the roof is indirectly tied into the reason why.

You may have heard the Mid Atlantic region here in the US got pounded with some major storms Friday night. Thunder, lightening, driving rain, hail and […]

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