The voices in my head made me do it.

Well Mister Scissors, we meet again!

I decided, for reasons best known to the voices in my head, to sew an apron this past weekend.


I have no idea why.

I saw a picture of one on the internet and then another (, it’s of the devil y’all) and that voice in my […]

shopping for a fantasy

So I was in Wal Mart a month or so ago

Which is exactly where you would expect a fantasy to begin right? The fantasy of being the sort of person who does not shop in Wal Mart. But I am that sort of person, just sometimes I get these ideas in my head and […]

Trying to create, with hecklers

This post has been written by the voices in my head. If I don’t let them out every now & then they get cranky.

Voice #1: She’s been crocheting randomly again.

Voice #2: What is that thing?

Voice #3: It looks like a crocheted bowling pin

Voice #1: Would it kill her […]

Again with the hair color

A few months ago I wrote about my internal debate between Vanity & Common Sense over hair color. The end result was that after weeks of thought I bought a box of color and a few more days of dithering, I actually used the color. Now that it is 3 months later I naturally have […]

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