It’s dead Jim

My laptop has given up the ghost. It’s been running hot for…well, pretty much it always has & finally it got so hot it fried itself.

It seems my ASUS gamer laptop, with the kick ass video card & super fast processor also had an inadequate cooling system.

It’s a feature of that model. Lucky […]

Technology hates me–still

I had a Droid phone until recently.

Recently being Saturday.

Last Monday the phone decided to factory reset itself for no apparent reason. No system update or anything like that, just one minute it was fine & the next it was behaving like it had no idea who I was.

Is it a […]

That time of year again

And no I don’t mean BlogHer, though it is that time of year too.

But I can’t afford to attend BlogHer unless it is less than a 4 hour drive away & that’s never gonna happen so I resigned myself to missing it long ago.

No, instead of OMG BLOG HER!!! angst, I spend this […]

*sniff* they grow up so fast

My little babies have EMAIL!!!


Mostly I am crying because I had to add two more email addys to my already chock full of email addys Windows Mail program.

Some days it take more than 5 minutes just for the retrieval to access all the accounts.

It’s not like I am going to let […]

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