Tower update

It’s made it from the trailer to the roof, but it is still horizontal

They came & moved it a couple Saturdays ago.

But then they realized part of the top was bent from the fall it took & would have to be hammered back to straight.

Then they discovered the gear part […]

Oh happy day!

Do you know what this is in my backyard?

It’s a trailer with a collapsed tower on it.

Not just any collapsed tower but a 75 foot collapsed tower.

And not just any 75 foot collapsed tower but *MY* 75 foot collapsed tower.

You remember my beloved blight on the landscape right?

The […]

Possession is nine tenths of the law

When last we saw the demonically possessed DVD player, I had just stabbed it through the heart with a multi tool blade.

Thus ending it’s torturous grinding noise.

But stabbing it didn’t cause it to release it’s fiendish hold on the two DVDs it ate before it’s diabolic nature became apparent.

We’d have to […]

Voyage of the Darned

The trip to my parents’ house was so full of first world problems, I don’t even know where to begin.

We didn’t get trapped in snow in the Sierra Nevada’s for months and end up having to eat one another like the Donner Party, but it sometimes felt like that it could happen at any […]

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