The Junk Room

The time has come to clean out the office. Junk room. Whatever.

If I am going to have any hope of working from home when the boys are home I need space with a door in which to work. Plus it might be nice to be able to use my sewing machine again.


Something new!

I have a to do list I keep by my desk & slowly but surely I work my way through them.

Very slowly.

I did manage to bang out a number of things on it the past few internet free days including two 2 page spreads for Journal Your Christmas and tagging all of 2012 […]

It’s not just technology

that hates me.

The weather hates me too.

30MPH winds Saturday afternoon caused this to happen.

You can see how bent the tower is.

It’s unlikely they will be able to straighten it enough to set it back up.



I had an idea

I was thinking of hosting a meme with linky. A couple or so years ago there was briefly a Scrapbook Saturday meme where people posted their latest layouts to their blog & then linked up at the hosts’ blog. The only obligation was that you visited & commented on the link of the person posting […]

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