The Saturday Scan

This is Sister Mary Caroline, born Rose Wetzel. She is my great great grandfather’s older sister. She joined the Order of St Francis in 1890. This photo was taken about 10 years later.  I don’t know anything else about her. 


The Saturday Scan

The photo today is from 1903

This is The Family House.

Though actually the family didn’t own it until 1942.

My maternal grandmother bought this house while my grandfather was off in the Pacific fighting the Japanese. Apparently it was an incredibly good deal & she wrote to ask him if they […]

The Saturday Scan

I have a ton, or at least a very huge pile, of old photos that need scanning.

And by old I mean old.


Like before 1900 old.

I have photos starting from somewhere in the early 1890s & running up through the early 1990s, with large concentrations of photos in 1930-45 and […]

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