Wordy Wednesday

Back from a short vacation!

We spend a couple nights at an indoor waterpark around this time every year. I think this is our 5th year going.

Instead of staying Friday & Saturday nights, like people who care about job & school attendance, we stay Sunday & Monday nights because we care about room […]


I’ve shared a lot of photos of Smoke, who always looks a bit..well… bitchy in photos.

“Do NOT take my photo lady!”

“What did I *just* say lady?”

I don’t know why she always looks like that. She’s a nice, friendly cat. You’d just never know it from the photos.

Unlike say, her […]

Wordy Wednesday

I’ve gotten a few questions about the subjects for my 365 Project & how that works for me.  I have 14 subjects this year and every month I get a photo of all 14 of them. When I put my photo book together I will group all of them on the same page, or two […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt wrap up

I did manage to get my last 4 photos for Rinda’s photo hunt this week.

A statue of an angel. Found this guy in Lowes garden department.

Someone dancing. You’ll just have to take my word that they are dancing.

A roadside stand

and lastly, a photo of me with something representing […]

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