Tuesday Meanderings

We had a lovely 3 day weekend for Memorial Day.  Mayhem had an early baseball game Saturday. Havoc’s was cancelled due to the fields being wrecked by flooding a couple weeks ago. We think. No one is really sure. We started setting the pool up & discovered we really suck at taking care of […]

Monday Meander

My parents were in town for a few days & got to see both boys play a game and then Pa helped them with their pitching one afternoon. We had a good visit & will be seeing them in my hometown in early July for a few days.  I’ve already plotted my days so […]

Monday Meander

My hours are being cut back at work. Not really a surprise, it’s been slow. I’m a ‘special projects’ person & right now we are very low on projects. So for now I’m down to 4 days a week. This may get cut to 3 and my summer work from home is up in […]

Monday Meander

There are currently 7.5” of snow on the ground and more falling.

There is no school but the roads are clear. Well, *our* road is clear and that means probably 75% of the roads are clear.  But there are always those “back roads’’ that never get clear & cause school to cancel. So who […]

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