Zoom In Zoom Out–week 17

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

I’m in the library this week.

A lot of you asked about the coverage maps I was working on.  They are maps that show towers and radio equipment. Like with cell towers. You tell it the coordinates of you tower and what […]

Monday Meander

Neighboring county is on spring break. Not sure why the powers that be gave us the week before last off rather than this one. Normally our break is the same time. Ah well.  There are rumors…just rumors mind you, that it might SNOW on Thursday. Yes, SNOW.  It was 83 degrees yesterday!  But temps […]

Zoom In Zoom Out

I was in DH’s office the other day when I noticed this guy on his desk.

It’s an angry traffic cone I crocheted for him a few years back.

Obviously it is not doing it’s job of keeping the paperwork organized.

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen


One Photo Twenty Words

“I need deodorant” said the 11 year old.

“Oh God no. It’s too soon. Not puberty already!” said his mom.

One photo twenty words is a meme by Abi


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