ZIZO week 24

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

While driving to and fro to All Stars practice (baseball NEVER ends people. NEVER. Oh you think it’s over but there is always another tournament. ALWAYS.) I decided to get the easiest of Rinda’s scavenger hunt items out of the way.

A rural landscape.  […]

Month in Numbers – May

It’s actually been a quiet month.

We had 14 baseball games between 2 boys.  2 were won by forfeit. An additional 4 games were rained out.

Havoc’s team won their tournament.

Mayhem’s lost but Mayhem was invited to play on the All Stars team in the regional tournament.

1,493 – times I banged my […]

My Month in Numbers–April

March took forever to end but April seemed to fly by.

Must be the lack of snow.

There were 0 snow days in April.

We had 2 boys on 2 different baseball teams and they had 10 games between them, plus 4 that were rained out.

Havoc’s team is 2-3 and Mayhem’s is […]

Zoom In Zoom Out–week 17

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

I’m in the library this week.

A lot of you asked about the coverage maps I was working on.  They are maps that show towers and radio equipment. Like with cell towers. You tell it the coordinates of you tower and what […]

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