Wordy Wednesday

I took this photo the other day specifically for a layout I had an idea for (or for which I had an idea).

I’d show you the layout but I never created it.

It’s about sleeping in & how, due to insomnia, I can only ‘sleep in’ until 7:15 and that 7:15 is not […]


Or not.

I am sporadic on the resolutions thing. I know my likelihood of keeping things like resolutions.

But I don’t let my past failures stop me from trying again. I go into it knowing things will fall by the wayside.

I’m lazy. I embrace this about myself & accept the limitations it gives me. […]

2011 Highlights

Martha influenced me in January. I made an approximation of what would happen if an apron and a hospital gown had a baby.

I also cleaned the pantry.

I painted chalkboard paint all over the insides of my cabinets in February.

I saw the sleep doc in April after 9 years of struggling with […]

Wordy Wednesday

This week’s old photo is brought to you courtesy of Lori over at In Pursuit of It All (if you are not reading Lori, you ought to be). She blogged yesterday that she was a victim of the tragic Children’s Shag Haircut Epidemic of 1973.

And so was I!

It put me in mind […]

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