To Do for October

1. finish editing Sept photos

2. clean out kids toys & the toy bins

3. start assembling P365 book in blurb

4. Christmas present shopping

5. buy new Hallmark ornaments

6. scout out location for Christmas tree in new living room layout

7. review 3 books and 2 games

8. finish Journal Your Christmas 2011 […]

A Moment Spent Waiting

It’s 12:55pm and I am waiting, as patiently as 12 years of Catholic school teaches you wait, though I am slouching in my chair and no doubt Sister Ethelrida would come around and poke me in the back with her ruler if she could see me. I am waiting as patiently as repeatedly standing 9th […]

My girly thing

I rarely wear dresses, or skirts, or heels. Not that I don’t like them on occasion, but they are not me in general. I rarely wear makeup. I don’t wear pink or ruffles or lace or pastels. I wash my hair, put in some argan oil to control the frizz and let it dry how […]

My Offline Life Lately

The arm/shoulder/neck is in better shape. I can stay on the computer for longer periods of time now but I still need to spend more time off than on.

What have I been doing with all this time?


I finished one crochet project

and started another

I did some coloring for a […]

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