Merry Christmas everyone!

Holiday Photo Shoot – take 1

I was in Target the other day when I spotted the perfect prop for my annual photo shoot.

It’s a mini tree! Perfectly sized for the dinos & the clones!

I had to buy it. I could get them all to stand around it, hugging.

I brought it home, set it up and plugged […]

Journal Your Christmas layouts

I managed 5 more this week & am now caught up through day 13.

Only 5 days out! Go me!

I’m hoping to get a few more done today & tomorrow, because Tuesday starts 4 days of cookie baking.


Journal Your Christmas layouts

We’re on day 11 and so far I have days 1, 2, 4, 6, & 10 done, plus 2 pages for day 5 and one page of a two page spread for day 8.

I’m hoping to get the remaining 4 pages & the other half of day 8 done today. I didn’t finish the […]

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