Holiday Cards

I don’t make my own paper cards. I’d have to cut out things & we all know I am hopeless when it comes that. If it wasn’t for digital I wouldn’t scrap at all because there are kindergarten kids with better scissors skills than I have and I am far more likely to cut myself […]

Making plans

We are going visiting for the holidays this year! 

This makes me feel a bit rushed for some reason.

It’s not like December is usually chock full of activities I now have to find some way to cram into a week’s less time.

I do basically three things in December – I arrange […]

Signs of Christmas

circa the 19070’s

When I was little, pre-adolescent anyway, there were 3 ways I knew Christmas was on it’s way.

First, the Sears Wish Book arrived with it’s wonderful toy filled goodness. Oh sure, there were clothes in it, and even bedding if I recall correctly, but who wants new sheets for Christmas?  It […]

Journal Your Christmas layouts

I’ve gotten a bit farther behind. I think I am 7 layouts out now, but I have managed to get a few done

Are you keeping up, or like me are you falling farther behind?


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