The 12 Days of Christmas Here at Havoc and Mayhem

♫ On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee…♫

Twelve beverages for adults

Eleven ladies drinking

Ten dinos with presents

Nine of these guys glowing

Eight dark side cookies

Seven caroling clones

Six Lego troopers

♫ Five unwraaaaappped giiiiiifffffttttssss ♫

Four new ornaments


Scrapbook Saturday

My Journal Your Christmas layouts this week

I’d originally decided not to number the pages for a change this year but 6 pages in I had some dead space that needed something and decided it needed a number. So I had to go back and number the first 5 pages.

Could have been worse. […]

Elvin’s adventures so far

We have an elf visiting us again this year. But the elves got all techno savvy in November & he spent the week before he arrived chatting with the boys on Google Talk.

He arrived bearing the Lego Advent calendar & some holiday reading material

We’re not sure if he was playing with the […]

Scrapbook Saturday

My Journal Your Christmas layouts so far. Days 1 to 5


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