Decorating for the holidays

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we put the tree up and the next day we decorated it.

And since I lack both storage and places to put ‘décor’ that won’t be knocked over, broken or other wise disturbed by the various creatures in the house, the tree is pretty much it. I want to garland [...]

Scrapbook Saturday

I’ve done 5 more Journal Your Christmas layouts this week. I’d hoped to do more but I had too many other things that needed doing.


Scrapbook Saturday

I have been able to get some scrapping done while on vacation.  I’m still 8 days behind but I could be 15 days behind. Plus I have days 21-26 planned out, I just need to assemble them. So it’s not as bad as I feared it might be.


The 12 Days of Christmas Here at Havoc and Mayhem

♫ On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee…♫

Twelve beverages for adults

Eleven ladies drinking

Ten dinos with presents

Nine of these guys glowing

Eight dark side cookies

Seven caroling clones

Six Lego troopers

♫ Five unwraaaaappped giiiiiifffffttttssss ♫

Four new ornaments


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