The low end

of normal.

I’m not sure how I went from being so very average at so many things to being ‘at the low end of normal range’ for everything.

Except, you know, my weight.

The one thing I’d like to be at the low end of normal with I‘m actually up there at the high end, […]

Doctor Sleep

I had my latest check up with the sleep doc last week.

I was late.

The office had moved to new facilities near the new hospital (or so I thought…) and while I knew this and knew where the new hospital was, I failed to make allowance for the additional morning commute drive time.


Insomnia update

Had a visit with Dr Sleep recently. She is very pleased with my progress & so am I.

No lie, I have slept more in the past 8 weeks than I have in the past 8 years.

It has been glorious!

I feel like my brain is emerging from a long foggy journey.

I […]

Well, I suppose that is a win

The kids are out of school for summer.

I go to the gym 3 days a week for about 50 minutes.

So I have two choices, not go to the gym at all for 2 months or paying huge sums for 2 months of ‘unlimited’ childcare.  It’s not really unlimited, just 2 hours a […]

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