Something else new

While we are stalled on the accursed porch thingy, waiting for a special order window (4 weeks) Brad found time to work on another yard project.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a new chicken coop!

You can see our old small red & white coop, with it’s small chain link fence […]

The Thrice Accursed Mudroom

Porch thingy.


I’m a day late for Storytelling Sunday over at Sians’s blog From High in the Sky and the roof is indirectly tied into the reason why.

You may have heard the Mid Atlantic region here in the US got pounded with some major storms Friday night. Thunder, lightening, driving rain, hail and […]

Yard Work

Our front/back yard in July 2011.

Because despite years of blogging I still suck at ‘before’ photos

It’s a front/back yard because it’s the front of the house but the back of the property. The house faces away from the road.

Nothing about this house is easy, not even the nomenclature. So I really […]

One thing after another

Last weekend the males went camping.

The plan was, they would leave early Saturday & come back mid afternoon Sunday or later. Then Monday, assuming a lack of rain, there would be work on the porch thingy.

While they were gone I would sand & seal the kitchen island & then scrub & […]

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