More Home Work

We have been talking about rearranging the living room furniture for a little while now.

The area behind the long sofa houses a double bookshelf. That bookshelf is partially blocked by the boys’ desk. The desk also blocks a 4 shelf organizer, a standing lamp and a tangled mass of cables & extension cords. […]

What is your quest?

I seek to replace some ugly bathroom faucet handles.

This post is part of Sian’s Storytelling Sunday, which she hosts the first Sunday of every month.

These plastic crystal faucet handles came with the house. The stoners put them in in 1978.  They are in each of the double sinks in both bathrooms. They […]

and on we go

I had hoped that by today I could bring you a mildly amusing story involving this

If you have been reading along here for any amount of time you know nothing home improvement wise in this house is as straightforward as it might be in any normal house.

And after 15 years you’d think […]

Progress Update

on the accursed mudroom.

Finally after 2 weeks longer than the promised 2-4 week delivery time, our custom window arrived at Lowes. It would have been in 2 weeks earlier but as they were loading it on the truck they broke it & two other windows.

Accursed I tell you.

Even people not actually working […]

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