All’s well

The whole surgery thing went well & apart from some random teary moments starting when I was told to change into the gown and ending when I laid down on the operating table I held it together.

No hysterical sobbing at all.

Of course unlike every other surgery I wasn’t full of post […]

Chronic Pain

8 years I have lived with this pain in my side, my lower abs as it were.

The lump on the left side of the c-section scar that formed at some point I no longer recall.

I remember discussing it with my old NP on one of my visits. Was it a scheduled […]

guess what?

Know what happens when you have a whacked jaw, jacked shoulder & messed up arm and you simultaneously stop going to your chiropractor appointments AND also start spending an extra 2 or so hours a day on the computer?

All those aches & pains that had gone away decide to come back.

Yeah, A Week […]

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