Summer Scavenger Hunt

My photos so far:

1. A bouquet of flowers

2. An ornate door knocker. Its not really ornate, but I encounter so very few door knockers this is probably the best I can do

3. A person walking a dog (or other animal)

4. People playing a board game or card game


The oldest thing in the house

Yes, this is one of those “How expired is that?” posts.

This one did not begin with a burning need to clean out an appliance or cupboard.

There was no cleaning at all.

DH is working on another online class for a job certification and wanted a notebook of ‘reasonable size’ and all he […]

Me on Monday

I got a selfie stick for Christmas so I can do better pics now! 

I just keep forgetting I have it.

I’m working 3 days this week, including today.

We’ve got 2 baseball games & one practice.

I’ve got a messed up manicure to fix.

We also have a very […]

I used to blog

Then a part time job that became eleventy million hours of customer service hell intervened.

Nothing quite like hours of being yelled at for things that are not your fault to make you not really like people much. Like say you ordered something 3 weeks ago and just now got a free shipping coupon […]

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