Zoom In Zoom Out

At my office this time. Working on coverage maps.

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen



Given that everyone mentioned they didn’t know what bunco was I thought I’d explain.

Bunco is a dice game. 12 players at 3 tables, play in pairs. Each table has 3 dice. Each round you are trying to roll a specific number. First round you want 2s, next round 3s, etc. You get a [...]

This is How It Works

8am – DH drops his truck off at auto place for annual inspection

10:30am – DH & I become aware that due to the refi closing date we don’t have to pay the mortgage this month, giving us a tidy sum of ‘bonus’ cash

12:30pm – We discuss what to do with the money but [...]

Snowy Days

We had more snow Wednesday night.

A lot of numbers were tossed around between Sunday night and Wednesday morning. Would it be 4 inches? 6 inches? How about 18 inches?

The range was anywhere from 6 to 20 inches by Tuesday night with most calling for us to be in the 12”-14” band.

Or [...]

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