One Photo Twenty Words

Home from school with fever. Urgent Care says ear, sinus, throat & chest infection – get plenty of rest.

One photo 20 words is a meme from Abi at Creating Paper Dreams


New job old company

One of the many things occupying my time this past month or so is the search for a new job for me.  I like my current job (job #4) well enough but it’s sporadic on the work available. Some weeks I have lots to do and some weeks there is no point in my coming [...]

June to August by the Numbers

Month in Numbers is a meme by Julie Kirk at notes on paper

The month sort of just went by.  It didn’t fly by. It didn’t drag by.  It just went by in the way non-eventful days go by. I’ve got nothing specific to say about it, or the summer in general actually.

But here [...]

This week

Last week of summer! We had plans for this week, but as usual those plans have been supplanted. Instead there will be the usual routine of practice, sandwiches, shouting at brothers by both other brothers and parents, threats, lies and photographs.

Though I have been falling behind on the photographs due to being way [...]

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