Monday Meander

We are supposed to have football practice 4 days this week (2 days with both boys, 2 days with one boy each) but it’s also supposed to rain all week. It’s certainly pouring out right now. Last week we were told Havoc’s team had a game this Saturday. But apart from that we know [...]

Scrapbook Saturday

A Project Life update!

It is week 32. I have scrapped up to week 28 and have planned out weeks 29-31 (photos are edited & templates chosen).

Much to my surprise I am still going! 


Zoom In Zoom Out

Yes, more grocery photos!

We had a new market open last week and I stopped by to check it out. This is the ‘unusual meats’ section.  In addition to the duck bacon, they have buffalo bacon and buffalo chops and buffalo roast (there is a buffalo farm about 50 miles away) and sausages from [...]

Blog problem

I decide I finally have time to sit & post some things and naturally both my server host and word press decide to lose their ever loving minds.

First my downgrading service with the host from an unneeded 100GB limit to a more reasonable 50GB resulted in my account being moved to a new server, [...]

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