Spring Break

A belated update.

Our Spring Break was the week before last, which was for the most part a week of decently nice weather.

We did some geocaching.

Over the course of the week we looked for 10 caches and found 8. One of the two we didn’t find was a puzzle one and I [...]

Zoom In Zoom Out

At my office this time. Working on coverage maps.

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen



Given that everyone mentioned they didn’t know what bunco was I thought I’d explain.

Bunco is a dice game. 12 players at 3 tables, play in pairs. Each table has 3 dice. Each round you are trying to roll a specific number. First round you want 2s, next round 3s, etc. You get a [...]

This is How It Works

8am – DH drops his truck off at auto place for annual inspection

10:30am – DH & I become aware that due to the refi closing date we don’t have to pay the mortgage this month, giving us a tidy sum of ‘bonus’ cash

12:30pm – We discuss what to do with the money but [...]

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