Menu Planning

I’m getting back in the swing of the menu planning, having taken most of December off.  This is what we are having in the next 3 weeks in no real order

week 1 – this week

Chicken fried steak & scalloped potatoes

Fish Meunier with couscous & carrots

Pretzel crusted chicken with pan roasted broccoli


A Serving Size

I love my Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook.  I’ve had it since last Christmas and have made about 18 things out of it so far, with plans to make many many more.

Many many more.

And only one dud recipe so far, which puts it well ahead of anything I own by Rachel Ray.

I can’t […]

Wordy Wednesday

Random end of month grocery shopping.

Various toiletries – mouthwash, peroxide, something green that is probably astringent but I can’t remember what it is

Yarn for back to school apples for the teachers.

Butter & chocolate chips for cookies (we always run out of these), coffee for breakfast, string cheese, grapes & goldfish crackers […]

A Sour Situation

I don’t bake very much in the summer. It’s too hot to leave the oven on for all that time & the kids distract me from rising times.

But it’s cooled off a bit lately and frustrated by the whole faucet handle debacle, I channeled my energies into cooking.

In one day I made brownies, […]

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