Monday Menu Planning

I’m not going to plan 7 meals a week for awhile.

Given that I only made 12 out of 28 meals last month, planning a meal for every single day of the month seems a bit overambitious on my part. And leads to feelings of failure.

Not to mention at some point this month baseball […]

Monday Menu Recap

This was the revised week 3 menu plan

Week 3 redo

Pot roast w/carrots & parsnips

Sweet pea soup

Chicken, shrimp & broccoli stir fry

Pork chops with golden applesauce

Bacon & sweet potato hash

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese w/spinach salad

So… I only made 2 meals from week 2 and hoped for […]

Monday Menu Recap

(no photo available)

Last week I was supposed to make

Week 2

Crunchy fish w/mixed frozen veggies

Chicken & rice soup (slow cooker)

Pot Roast

Pork chops w/golden applesauce

Shrimp penne positano w/endive salad

Monte Cristo sandwiches w/salad

Herb & garlic tagliata w/roasted beets

But this time I reached a new low! I only made […]

Monday Menu Planning & Recap

I made 4 out of 7 things this week. The fish, the sandwiches, the tacos & the soup and sandwiches.  Thursday was leftovers, Saturday we went out dinner & Sunday ended up being sandwiches & snacks while watching the Super Bowl.

Hoping to do better this month

Week 1

Chicken Fried Steak w/carrots & […]

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