New eyebrows

Possibly the highlight of my weekend.

I went from these bushy things:

To these much more trimmed & shaped things:

Please note the grey hairs remain unchanged despite getting a hair cut as well.

Why is this such a big deal?

I am 43 years old and this is the first time in […]

The many parts of my brain

A list.

I generally refer to them as the Voices in My Head. You probably have Voices too, you just may call them by different names, maybe you hear your mom’s voice in your head every time you look at new shoes. “And where will you be wearing THOSE?” or maybe you simply do not […]

And then it all went black


Power outages are no fun.

Generally though, you can see them coming 24 hours in advance from the weather forecast. More than 6-8 inches of snow? Find the flashlights. 30mph winds? Break out the candles. A series of 100+ degree days? Go buy some hand fans.

But if it is a nice 50 degree […]

ISP 1, God 0

Well, they did it.

They defied all the omens & portents. All the clear, clear signs of Divine displeasure.

They took my tower Thursday.

(hangs head in grief)

They came in a white van, early in the morning, before I’d had enough coffee to mount a coherent protest to their actions.

The tower didn’t […]

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