Friday Flashback

Since my internet is still being funky I thought I would replay one of my favorite older posts

This is from summer of 2008

What $4.38 Will Get You at Target

The boys and I went to Target last night before meeting DH for dinner.

They have been hoarding the loose change they find […]

2011 Highlights

Martha influenced me in January. I made an approximation of what would happen if an apron and a hospital gown had a baby.

I also cleaned the pantry.

I painted chalkboard paint all over the insides of my cabinets in February.

I saw the sleep doc in April after 9 years of struggling with […]

Where I am from

I am from shelves & shelves of books, DiCarlos pizza and summers at the lake.

I am from a perfectly clean, organized, burnt orange & gold decorated and pine scented split level home.

I am from a cul de sac in the suburbs up, on the hill, in a town by the river, in the […]


This takes the cake.

Or, actually, it eliminates the bread.

We all know I am a lazy slacker when it come to cleaning out and/or rotating the food in my house

Much to my mom’s intense embarrassment I have shared the results of this particular failing numerous times on this blog

The freezer

The fridge


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